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Javascript Question

Pass URL Parameters from one page to another

Trying to do the following:

Store params from url, i.g.

If a user clicks on a button (they have a class of .btn-cta) it will take the params ?cid=123456 and add them to the new page those buttons link to /tour.html

I'm currently doing 1/2 of that with passing the params to an iframe on the page, now I need to get the above part working:

var loc = window.location.toString(),
params = loc.split('?')[1],
iframe = document.getElementById("signupIndex"),
btn = $('.btn-cta');

iframe.src = iframe.src + '?' + params;

Answer Source

Here's how I'd do it using jquery:

 $('.btn-cta').each(function(i, el){
        href: $(this).attr("href") +

And in Vanilla ES2015

    .forEach((el) => el.attributes.href.value +=;

This takes all the elements that have class .btn-cta and appends the page query string to each of their href attributes.

So if the page url is `http://domain/page.html?cid=1234

<a href="/tour.html" class="btn-cta">Tour</a>


<a href="/tour.html?cid=1234" class="btn-cta">Tour</a>
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