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fastest way to grep single line from multiline string in ruby

I have a scenario where a string variable(named str)contains a multi line string. And I want to grep a line from it. Here I want to grep the string line (kernel release 721 line) to a variable. Is there any way to do so?

irb(main):152:0> print str
*************************** Component ********************
c:\temp\agent\bin\CAR.exe: 721, patch 618, changelist 1633822, NTAMD64, opt
AGENT information

kernel release 721

kernel make variant 721_REL

compiled on NT 6.1 7601 S x86 MS VC++ 14.00 for NTAMD64

compiled for 64 BIT

compilation mode Non-Unicode

compile time Mar 21 2016 21:07:50

patch number 12

latest change number 1659167

supported environment

operating system
Windows NT 5.0
Windows NT 5.1
Windows NT 5.2
Windows NT 6.0
Windows NT 6.1

Any help appriciated.

Answer Source
string.lines.grep /pattern/


string.each_line.grep /pattern/

which might be more efficient

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