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Git Question

remote: repository not found fatal: not found

Why won't my git push?!

I created the repository and I keep getting this message:

C:\Users\petey_000\rails_projects\first_app>git push -u github master
Username for '': ***
Password for 'https://***':
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository '' not found

I tried looking everywhere for an answer but I cannot find a solution.

Answer Source

Your username shouldn't be an email address, but your GitHub user account: pete.
And your password should be your GitHub account password.

You actually can set your username directly in the remote url, in order for Git to request only your password:

cd C:\Users\petey_000\rails_projects\first_app
git remote set-url origin

And you need to create the fist_app repo on GitHub first: make sure to create it completely empty, or, if you create it with an initial commit (including a, a license file and a .gitignore file), then do a git pull first, before making your git push.

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