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MySQL Question

get_result() Doesn't Work even mysqlnd is enabled

It might be a duplication of many questions however i dont seem to get my answer from any of the questions present.I am using

multi domain linux hosting
provided by hostgator.I tried to use
but it throws me an error stating as an
undefined method
.I contacted the hostgator admin panel and they enabled the mysqlnd extension for me.I do see the mysqlnd extension enabled in phpinfo of my website.However i still see the same error.

$mysqlnd = function_exists('mysqli_stmt_get_result');

if ($mysqlnd) {
echo 'mysqlnd enabled!';

I tried to check if it is enabled or not , it says
but i do see mysqlnd as enabled in my

What is the problem and how can i solve this one ? Plus using with any other method is not an option because i have already coded the whole project using





$stmt=$this->link->prepare("SELECT `Session_Data`,`ip_address` FROM Session WHERE `Session_Id` = ? AND `Session_Expires` > '".date('Y-m-d H:i:s')."'");


Answer Source

I am answering my own question here as for all the people who are stuck in this thing.To make this thing work, Enable nd_mysqli in php extensions and disable mysqli.This will work like charm! Good Luck.

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