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Swift Question

How to find sum of all objects for some key in array of custom objects in swift

I have array of objects in which I need to find sum of the particular key.

I have the following properties in object

class Due: NSObject {
var dueIndex: Int?
var dueAmount: Double?

I have the following logic to add the objects to array

var duesArray = [Due]()

for i in 0..<10 {
let dueObject = NDDue();
// Update the due object with the required data.
dueObject.dueIndex = i
dueObject.dueAmount = 100 * i

// Add the due object to dues array.

After this I need the sum all the values in duesArray for key dueAmount. Please let me know how to achieve it using KVC.

I have tried by using following below line.

print((duesArray as AnyObject).valueForKeyPath("@sum.dueAmount")).

Got the following error

failed: caught "NSUnknownKeyException", "[Due 0x7ff9094505d0> valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key dueAmount."

Answer Source

If you just want the sum of dueAmount in your duesArray with type Due then you can simply use reduce():

let totalAmount = duesArray.reduce(0.0) { $0 + ($1.dueAmount ?? 0) }

print(totalAmount) // 4500.0
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