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how does the leading dollar sign affect single quotes in bash?

I need to pass a string to a program as its argument from the bash cli, e.g

program "don't do this"

The string may include any character like '$', '\', etc. and i don't want BASH to do any modification. So i think about using single quotes.

However the following does not work:

program 'don\'t do this' //escape doesn't work in single quote

While the following two works:

program $'dont\'t do this' //seems fine, but any other side effects?
program 'dont'\''do this' //breaking into 3 parts

The first approach seems better in that it acquires less pre modification (put the dollar symbol in front and substitute every
), but i don't know what else the DOLLAR SIGN might do.

I've really googled this but i can't find what i need.. Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

It causes escape sequences to be interpreted.

$ echo $'Name\tAge\nBob\t24\nMary\t36'
Name    Age
Bob     24
Mary    36

(And SO handles tabs in a goofy manner, so try this one at home)

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