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Files missing warning after upgrading to Xcode 8 and converting syntax from swift 2.3 to swift 3.0

I upgraded from

Xcode 7.3
Xcode 8.0
and changed syntax from
swift 2.3 to swift 3.0
. I am able to build the project and run fine but I got some 233 warnings all about images I used in

I realized that the path is wrong as I changed the name of my project from
projectA to projectB
and the path is referring to an invalid path which is

/Users/name/Desktop/projectA/projectB/Assets.xcassets/Images/img_01.imageset/img_01@2x.png is missing from working copy

I believe that I have to remove name of those files from my
as they are not valid anymore. I have committed all my changes and have no idea how to remove these missing file links to get rid of those warnings.

Answer Source

I was able to solve this after a lot of research.

I went to projectB.xcodeproject > Show package contents > project.pbxproj > xcuserdata. Delete the xcuserdata.

Then go to Source Control > Commit Commit all changes. Since the path doesn't exist, Xcode will not commit changes; so just cancel out of it and do

Source Control > Refresh Status

Then exit out of Xcode and restart it.

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