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Android Question

How to get going with Xamarin without compiling anything for iOS?

I am using Visual Studio 2015. I am trying to follow the basic tutorial of Xamarin from here

When I get to the build part, I get problems, some of which because I don't have a Mac connected.

I only want to try things for now, and don't have any need for my app to work, or even compile for iOS, but still I want it to be written in Xamarin forms, just to learn how it works.

For Android, everything seems to compile, and my only physical device runs Android.

I would like to disable iOS and Windows build, and only remain with Android, and play around with that, and only later busy myself with Windows and iOS trouble.

How can I remain with only the portable and Android parts?

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In VS and XS, you can right-click on a project in the solution and choose to either Unload or Delete. Unload is temporary, Delete is permanent.

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