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MS SQL Exception: Incorrect syntax near '@P0'

I'm querying a DB using MS SQL and for some reason I get the following error: Incorrect syntax near '@P0'
even though this 'P0' isn't anywhere in my syntax...

I've read that someone has had a same issue but they were using a stored proc, something which I am not using so I don't see how his solution will work for me. (His solution being asomething about adding braces {} around the procedure call.

Anyways, below I have pasted the relevant code. Really hope someone can help me with this, getting quite frustrated.

PreparedStatement stmt = null;
Connection conn = null;

String sqlQuery = "SELECT TOP ? \n"+
"z.bankAccountNo, \n"+
"z.statementNo, \n"+
"z.transactionDate, \n"+
"z.description, \n"+
"z.amount, \n"+
"z.guid \n"+
"FROM \n"+
"( \n"+
"select \n"+
"ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY x.transactionDate, x.statementNo) AS RowNumber, \n"+
"x.transactionDate, \n"+
"x.statementNo, \n"+
"x.description, \n"+
"x.amount, \n"+
"x.bankAccountNo, \n"+
"x.guid \n"+
"FROM \n"+
"( \n"+
"SELECT \n"+
"a.bankAccountNo, \n"+
"a.statementNo, \n"+
"a.transactionDate, \n"+
"a.description, \n"+
"a.amount, \n"+
"a.guid \n"+
"FROM BankTransactions as a \n"+
"LEFT OUTER JOIN BankTransactionCategories as b \n"+
"ON a.category = b.categoryCode \n"+
"WHERE b.categoryCode is null \n"+
") as x \n"+
") as z \n"+
"WHERE (z.RowNumber >= ?)";

stmt = conn.prepareStatement(sqlQuery);
stmt.setInt(1, RowCountToDisplay);
stmt.setInt(2, StartIndex);
ResultSet rs = null;
rs = stmt.executeQuery();
} catch (Exception Error){
System.out.println("Error: "+Error);

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

SQL Server requires you to place parenthesis around the argument to top if you pass in a variable:

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