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Git Question

GIT Error:- expected committer email '' but found 'karan@xyz.com'

Git push is getting rejected with the following error message:

expected committer email '' but found 'karan@xyz.com'

I have already tried:

  1. setting use properties in .gitconfig file.

  2. trying git push making different clones of same repository.

  3. setting up whole system all together after formatting it.

But none has worked. What else can I do to resolve it.

Answer Source

This doesn't seem like a git limitation, but should be some kind of pre-receive hook on the remote side (the Git repository hosting service/server to which you are pushing to)

That hook seems to parse the commits and check the committer email against a specific criteria which rejects karan@xyz.com.
You should check with the remote side administrator to see what is going on.

The OP Karan Singla confirms in the comments it was an issue at the server side:

Issue got resolved. Admin re-created my account and it is working fine now.

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