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Getting the size of each type of the parameter pack?

After a long day of unsuccessful searching in the web for a practical solution to solve my problem, I decided to post my issue here, to clarify my goal I provided this simple code:

template<typename... types>
std::vector<SIZE_T> GetTypesSize()
std::vector<SIZE_T> typesSizeContainer;
typesSizeContainer.reserve(sizeof... (types));

* What I want here is a mechanism to loop throw
* each element of the parameter pack to get its size
* then push it into typesSizeContainer.
* Something similar to :
* For(auto& element : types...) {
* typesSizeContainer.push(sizeof(element));
* }

return std::move(typesSizeContainer);

When I call this function template in this code:

// platform x86
std::vector<SIZE_T> tempVactor;
tempVactor = GetTypesSize<char, short, int>();

The elements of the
should be
{ 1, 2, 4 }

Any suggestion or solution is considerable.

Answer Source

You can just initialize the vector with the unpacked sizes:

template<typename... types>
std::vector<size_t> GetTypesSize()
    return { sizeof(types)... };


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