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C++ template typename iterator

Consider the following header file:

template <typename T> struct tNode
T Data; //the data contained within this node
list<tNode<T>*> SubNodes; //a list of tNodes pointers under this tNode

tNode(const T& theData)
//PRE: theData is initialized
//POST: this->data == theData and this->SubNodes have an initial capacity
// equal to INIT_CAPACITY, it is set to the head of SubNodes
this->Data = theData;


Now consider a line of code from another file:

list<tNode<T>*>::iterator it(); //iterate through the SubNodes

The compiler is giving me this error message:
Tree.h:38:17: error: need ‘typename’ before ‘std::list<tNode<T>*>::iterator’ because ‘std::list<tNode<T>*>’ is a dependent scope

I have no idea why the compiler is yelling at me for this.

Answer Source

In list<tNode<T>*>::iterator, you have a dependant name, that is, a name that depends on a template parameter.

As such, the compiler can't inspect list<tNode<T>*> (it doesn't have its definition at this point) and so it doesn't know whether list<tNode<T>*>::iterator is either a static field or a type.

In such a situation, the compiler assumes that it is a field, so in your case it yields a syntax error. To solve the issue, just tell the compiler that it is a type by putting a typename ahead of the declaration:

typename list<tNode<T>*>::iterator it
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