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C Question

executing slow process with popen()

I'm creating a simple network scanning function using nmap and C. I want to use popen() to execute nmap, but nmap takes close to 30 seconds to complete because I'm scanning a wide range of IPs.

So, is there a way to check when the command has finished executing? I don't want my C code to hang at the system call, instead I would like to just check a flag or something in a loop that will know when popen/nmap has finished so other parts of my C program don't come to an halt. Is this possible??


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I can think of 2 direct ways to do it

  1. You could fork() directly and then establish a way to communicate the two processes, this would be very difficult because IPC is not an easy matter.

  2. You could create a new thread with pthread_create() and call popen() there, it would be a lot easier and you could share data between threads by using an appropriate locking mechanism to prevent race conditions.

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