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Javascript Question

Not able to return value even with callback function

I have read the following questions and corresponding insightful answers and understood how asynchronous call back functions work-

How do I return the response from an asynchronous call?

How to return value from an asynchronous callback function?

Returning value from asynchronous JavaScript method?

But still not able to successfully return the appropriate vaule. Following is the code -

function foo(callback){
request('some-url.json', function (error, response, body) {
//Check for error
//error body

//Check for right status code
if(response.statusCode !== 200){
//response body

//All is good. Print the data
var data = JSON.parse(body);

module.exports = {
console.log(result); //works
return result; //doesn't work


I am able to get the expected result in the console log but still its not able to return the value.

TypeError: Property 'foo' of object #<Object> is not a function


1.Is the callback function execution correct?

2.What should I do to return the value successfully?

Answer Source

There's no real way to go from asynchronous code back to synchronous code. You can get close by using promises which treat delayed operations as data so you can return the promise object and set up actions that will happen on it later, but with callbacks you have to just keep creating callbacks.

You can find some basic information on promises here (though I'm not endorsing promise.js) and more here.

If you're working in ES5 Bluebird and Q are well known promise libraries. Promises are native functionality in ES6.

So ignoring the module syntax let's say you're trying to use that function.

function something() {
    // result not bound, foo is not called

        console.log(result); //result was passed into this callback and is bound

        return result; //result is still bound but returning does nothing. No one is waiting for the return value.
    // code below this point probably already executed before your console.log in the foo callback. No one is waiting for the return.

Responding directly to your questions:

  1. Yes, you called foo correctly until you tried to return something. Returning isn't really a concept that applies to callback functions. You can only pass the data on to other callbacks.

  2. You don't ever return the value.

Let's say I have foo, which takes in a callback. If I want to act on foo's result in another function, foo2, I have to call

function foo2 () {
    foo(function(result) { 
        //act on result 

Now let's say I want foo2 to return foo1's result to yet another function. Well, with callbacks, I can't. I can only ask foo2 to take in yet another callback and pass on the data.

function foo2 (callback) {
    foo(function(result) { 
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