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Java check two arguments either both not null or both null elegantly

I used spring boot to develop a shell poject used to send email, e.g.

sendmail -from foo@bar.com -password foobar -subject "hello world" -to aaa@bbb.com

If the
arguments are missing I use a default sender and password, e.g.

So if the user passes the
argument they must also pass the
argument and vice versa, that is to say either both are non-null, or both are null.

How to check this elegantly?

Now my way is

if ((from != null && password == null) || (from == null && password != null)) {
throw new RuntimeException("from and password either both exist or both not exist");

Answer Source

There is a way using ^ (XOR) operator:

if (from == null ^ password == null) {
    // use RuntimeException if you need to
    throw new IllegalArgumentException("message"); 

if condition will be true if only one variable is null.

But I think usually it's better to use two if conditions with different exception message. You can't define what went wrong using single condition.

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