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How do you toggle between Dimens/Strings id vs their actual value?

This question is kind of difficult to put in words, but I want to know how to toggle between the dimens/strings id's vs their actual values. The IDE is IntelliJ. An image should make it a bit more clear what I'm asking:

Upper image is actual values, lower image is with full id

Upper image is actual values, lower image is with full id displayed. If you click on the

, it will then display the full id. I'm interested in how to then revert it back to the original
. I've spent some time trying to find it online and but couldn't find anything. I know that I could always just do a "go to declaration" on the id and find the actual value in strings.xml, but it would be significantly faster to just read it on the spot. Any other useful IntelliJ/Android tips someone could think of would be welcome too. If you could help me I'd be very happy.

Answer Source

On Windows press Ctrl+> to both expand and collapse when the cursor is within the value/code you want to perform Folding on or just use Ctrl++ or Ctrl+-.

This is called code folding and can also be found under the contextual menu (when you right click on the code) then Folding (See image below)

enter image description here

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