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Python Question

devpi - pip install setup.cfg MissingSectionHeaderError - virtualenv

I have a really simply python package which I'm building/uploading to a devpi repo running on my laptop.

When I attempt to pip install it I get the following error:

MissingSectionHeaderError: File contains no section headers.
file: setup.cfg, line: 1

My package doesn't even have a setup.cfg file, so I'm a bit confused. Does anyone have any idea on what's going on?

I've since discovered that trying to pip install any package I get the exact same error, making me think this has nothing to do with my package, but more likely to do with my devpi configuration or devpi and/or pip related dotfiles

Hmm, perhaps this is the problem. the devpi site mentions there being an issue with devpi 4.0 and pip 1.8.2, both of which I have installed. I'll have to look into this.

pip doesn’t install packages anymore with devpi

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I haven't had any issues after I downgraded the pip versions in all my virtualenvs from pip==1.8.2 to pip==8.1.1

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