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HTML5 <video> callbacks?

I'm working on a site for a client and they're insistent on using HTML5's video tag as the delivery method for some of their video content. I currently have it up and running with a little help from to handle the Internet Explorer Flash fallback.

One thing they've asked me to do is, after the videos finish playing (they're all a different length), fade them out and then fade a picture in place of the video --- think of it like a poster frame after the video.

Is this even possible? Can you get the timecode of a currently playing movie via Javascript or some other method? I know Flowplayer ( has an onFinish function, is that the route I should take in lieu of the HTML5 video method? Does the fact that IE users will be getting a Flash player require two separate solutions?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently using jQuery on the site, so I'd like to keep the solution in that realm if at all possible. Thanks!

Answer Source

You can view a complete list of events in the spec here.

For example:

$("video").bind("ended", function() {
   alert("I'm done!");

You can bind to the event on the element like anything else in for your comment question, whatever element you're delivering for IE, yes, it would need a separate handler rigged up to whatever event it provides.

For the other question about timecode, the timeupdate event occurs when it's playing, and the durationchange event occurs when the overall duration changes. You can bind to and use them just like I showed with the ended event above. With timeupdate you'll probably want the currentTime property, with durationchange you'll want the duration property, each of which you get directly off the DOM object, like this:

$("video").bind("durationchange", function() {
   alert("Current duration is: " + this.duration);
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