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What is the method to set the text for a QTreeWidget's header?

I've checked the documentation here and I can't seem to find a method for setting the text of a QTreeWidget's title or header.

Without setting the title QTreeWidget automatically uses the number '1' in my code. An example of what it looks like outputted is below. I'm presuming QTreeWidget has a method for this and I just can't find it.

QTreeWidget example

Answer Source

You're looking for setHeaderLabel.

Note that the documentation says it adds a new column, so if your view already has column 0 with text "1", you may instead have to do the following:

if(QTreeWidgetItem* header = treeWidget->headerItem()) {
  header->setText(0, "My Text");
} else {
  treeWidget->setHeaderLabel("My Text");
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