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Javascript Question

Testing frameworks for Javascript

We are at the beginning of a new web project that will use JavaScript and in particular angularJs. NodeJs will also be used.I am looking for the best practices in terms of automating "E2E testing" for a web project built with JavaScript.

The biggest concern is the selection of the testing framework. We are not interested in Unit tests, since this will be a task for the development organisation, however if we can merge those unit tests in the new automation testing framework, that would be a plus. So the question is "what is the optimal way to test JavaScript these days?"

The incorporation of a "reporting tool" for managerial reason would also be a plus. Are there any reporting tool for JavaScript automation tests?

A third concern is a potential need to test mixed scenarios with mobile applications. For example UserA is logged in the web browser and chats with UserB that is connected with his iPhone. How can you glue a scenario like this?

Free and open source tools are mandatory.

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I really think you want to look at Karma for your situation. It was actually created by the Angular.js team. It is a very popular test runner with mobile support as well.

Meanwhile, you might also like to integrate Istanbul into Karma for code coverage.

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