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Scala Question

organize import into sbt file of netlib package

I want to use in Scala org.netlib.util package. How I can organize the LibraryDependencies in

file? I don't know the version of

My code need to be improved:


Answer Source

What you want is this in your build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "net.sourceforge.f2j" % "arpack_combined_all" % "0.1"

The Maven Repository is where you want to look for how to include managed libraries in your build.sbt. They have a handy tab that gives you the exact code to use (clicking on the 'SBT' tab versus, say 'Gradle' or 'Maven'). Below, you can see the libraries included, which include org.netlib.util.

Perhaps of note, the Maven search bar is not particularly useful, especially if they don't host a given package. However, Googling 'org.netlib.util sbt repository' gives you this result quickly.

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