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How to add a JSON to payload in JavaPNS push notification?

I want to add a JSON with the notification. I can send alert now. How can I send a JSON with the notification?

Code snippet I'm currently Using:

PushNotificationPayload payload = PushNotificationPayload.complex();
payload.addCustomDictionary("id", "1");
List<PushedNotification> NOTIFICATIONS = Push.payload(payload, "D:\\ios_dev.p12", "1234", true, "b3ead5d64ba0e08241e236f3ee041d8a9f036b39a0b0537e99a5f8b0607");

for (PushedNotification NOTIFICATION : NOTIFICATIONS) {
if (NOTIFICATION.isSuccessful()) {
System.out.println("PUSH NOTIFICATION SENT SUCCESSFULLY TO: " + NOTIFICATION.getDevice().getToken());

I want to add JSON like:

"message": message,
"m_id": mId,
"callNo": callNo

How can I pass this?

Answer Source

I found the solution for you.

PushNotificationPayload payload=PushNotificationPayload.fromJSON("{\"aps\":{\"content-available\":1,\"sound\":\"\",\"alert\":\"Some alert\"}}");

Only take a String, create the JSON object and pass as String to 'PushNotificationPayload.fromJSON'

It works for me :)

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