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Are Spyder formatting warnings important and, if not, how to disable them?

I am learning to use Spyder and find my code in the Editor is riddled with nit-picky white space warnings (click to see pic): no space after comma, not enough space before a comment, too much space at the end of a line, my comment line is too long, etc.

I have not found any of these to be a problem with Python before (e.g. in Jupyter) and, thus far, ignoring the warnings has not affected how my code is running in Spyder.

Is there any real danger if I ignore these warnings? If not, how can I turn them off? They are distracting and would bury useful warnings--should Spyder have any useful warnings.

Spyder 3.2.0, Python 3.5.3, IPython 6.1.0, Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit.

Answer Source

Is there any real danger if I ignore these warnings?

No, they are style warnings so you can safely ignore them.

how can I turn them off?

Please go to

Tools > Preferences > Editor > Code Introspection/Analysis

and deactivate the option called

Real-time code style analysis
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