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PHP Question

Problems opening local php page

i just instaled xampp and I'm trying to run php page. But i have a problem:

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

Based on your organization's security policies, this web site ( http://localhost/sajt/index.php ) has been blocked because it has been determined to be a security threat to your computer or the organization's network. Access could also be blocked because this request came from an unrecognized or unauthorized machine.

If you have questions, please contact your organization's network administrator and provide the codes shown below.

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2016 00:45:12 CET
Source IP: 147.91.36.--
URL: GET http://localhost/sajt/index.php
Category: LocalHost
Notification: POLICY

Does anyone knows what to do? How to unblock local pages? Does anyone have similar problem?

Answer Source

Do you run xammp on a personal computer or on a computer provided by your employer?

"Based on your organization's security policies" COULD indicate that your company setup an extra layer of security on your system.

EDIT: This could also mean a firewall is blocking the website from being visited.

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