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UniqueIdentifier in ios 7

Before deprecation of uniqueIdentifier it was good to use same identifier even deleting app and even erasing iPhone. After that I use MAC address and that was also working before iOS 7, but with iOS 7 it gives 2c:00:00:00:00:00. So I am not getting any way to get unique identifier.
If is use IdentifierForVender: it gives different identifier if I delete the all the app of same vendor.

MAC Address : it works fine but not on iOS 7.

UniqueIdentifier :deprecated.

Please tell me the way to get unique value even app deletion and even erasing iPhone(like factory restore)

Answer Source

I found the answer. I wanted a unique id which will be same regardless deleting or erasing iPhone. I use serial No of Device so I can get the unique value all time.

There is a UIDevice category.

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