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JSON Question

Timeline getting data from database

Timeglider is a timeline project.
Timeglider is a jQuery plugin for displaying any number of events in a highly-flexible timeline.

One of the easiest way for fetching and reading data is using a TABLE.
this TABLE is a HTML TABLE that have a specific properties
for example we should create table with its data in SQL.

I use the objects like GRIDVIEW or (TABLE and panel) but these are not have those tags.

please help me
may i use json datasource? but i dont know how?
but with table it is easier.

Timeglider timelines can load directly from data you provide in an
HTML table.

may i use with
? or another proposed way?
or add hese line to table. (i know only gridview have property header) but table doesnt??!!!!
please help me.

<!-- The first row of the table is reserved for meta-data.

Class values below are *critical* for mapping out data from the
<td> elements that follow --- though order is not important.
The text in <td> elements is *not* critical: just the class names.
<th class="tg-startdate">start date</th>
<th class="tg-enddate">end date</th>
<th class="tg-title">title</th>
<th class="tg-description">description</th>
<th class="tg-icon">icon</th>
<th class="tg-importance">importance</th>
<th class="tg-link">link</th>

Answer Source

i solve it by creating my desired HTML code and with


fire it in the output and Timeglider is also work good

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