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Oracle SQL Developer and PostgreSQL

I'm trying to connect to a PostgreSQL 9.1 database using Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.04, but I'm not having any success so far.

First, if I add a third party driver on preferences, when adding a new connection there's no tab for PostgreSQL (it works fine for MySQL though). I'm using a JDBC4 version 9.1 driver, but I tried a JDBC3 of the same version and still get the same thing.

Second, there's nothing like manual configuration tab when adding a new connection. The closest is the Advanced option on Oracle tab, where I can provide a custom URL, but it fails because complains about the selected Driver (of course).

Finally, I got connected importing a connection from an XML file (contents below), but it displays only my schemas and doesn't show my tables inside them.

So, my question is: does Orable SQL Developer support PostgreSQL connections? Is there any other way to have my tables being displayed in the ObjectViewer?

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<References xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/jndi">
<Reference name="Lumea" className="oracle.jdeveloper.db.adapter.DatabaseProvider" credentialStoreKey="Lumea" xmlns="">
<Factory className="oracle.jdeveloper.db.adapter.DatabaseProviderFactory"/>
<StringRefAddr addrType="user">
<StringRefAddr addrType="subtype">
<StringRefAddr addrType="customUrl">
<StringRefAddr addrType="SavePassword">
<StringRefAddr addrType="password">
<StringRefAddr addrType="driver">
<StringRefAddr addrType="DeployPassword">

Answer Source

Oracle SQL Developer surely does support connections to PostgreSQL.


If you have different user name and database name, one should specify in hostname: hostname/database? (do not forget ?) or hostname:port/database?.

(thanks to @kinkajou and @Kloe2378231; more details on http://stackoverflow.com/a/28671213/565525).

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