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Google Maps Default Icons

I am trying to get the current default Google Maps Icons.

I am making a program with the Google Maps API and have set my DirectionsRenderer to suppress markers so I can make markers to set the specific icon.

This is my current result:

This is what I had before suppressing the default markers:

Later in my program I will be adding waypoints so I would like to set markers like the ones above with the letter A, B, C, etc. with a different color, (like marker "A", which is green).

I have visited several sites such as:

google maps v3 standard icon/shadow names (equiv. of G_DEFAULT_ICON in v2)

The markers these websites tell you to use, do not look the same as the current markers. I am wondering if there is a way to call the current "green marker a" just like in the fusion tables:

If so, how? Thanks!

Answer Source

When you take a look at the network-tab of the developer-tools you'll see that the URL for the green marker is:

The letter may be defined via the text-parameter

(Note: there is also a color-parameter, this parameter is used for the text-color and not for the background of the marker)

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