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Is there any way I can download OpenCV on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B on a Windows laptop?

So, I am trying to install OpenCV with Python 3 onto my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The problem is, the commands are in Linux, and I need to install it using Windows. Is there any way I can install it using windows, or is it absolutely necessary to use Linux?

The link to the Linux commands:

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The easiest way will be to connect your Raspberry Pi to a monitor or TV via HDMI, plug in a keyboard/mouse on USB, and then execute the commands directly on the Pi which is running Linux (ether NOOBS or Raspbian OSs depending on what's on your SD card).

You will need to use the Raspi-Config tool on the terminal on the Pi to enable SSH access, which in term will allow you to connect to your Pi from Windows via PuTTY.

Hope this helps.

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