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Do comments affect compile time?

I'm an Android developer and the following question came to my mind: When I put a big comment in order to compiling process, is that while we put our useful comment in code , can compiler take some time at comment portion?

If no, then is it not get any effect since how long our comment?

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can compiler take some time at comment portion?

No, you won't be able to see any measurable time difference in compile time by adding / stripping comments in a typical Java/C/C++ program.

Use comments if you believe they make the code easier to read and maintain, and don't base the decision on whether to include / exclude them on compile-time.

(Sure, the parser will need to traverse the whole file, so if you have a gigabyte-comment, you may see a difference. But typically, the time it takes to parse (and throw away the comments) is an insignificant part of a full compile.)

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