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Set Voice on Turn by Turn Navigation in HERE sdk ios

I am using HERE map. I am trying to set voice on turn by turn navigation but i am not able to do that. i tried with

to set voice but i don't know how to set. following code is what i try.

NMAVoiceCatalog *voiceCatalog = [NMAVoiceCatalog sharedVoiceCatalog];
NMAVoicePackage *voicepackeg=[voiceCatalog.voicePackages objectAtIndex:0];
[voiceCatalog installVoicePackage:voicepackeg]
[[NMANavigationManager sharedNavigationManager] setVoicePackage:voicepackeg];

NSError *error;
NSLog(@"starting navigation simulation");
error = [[NMANavigationManager sharedNavigationManager] startTurnByTurnNavigationWithRoute:self.route];

if(error && error.code != NMANavigationErrorNone){
NSLog(@"ERROR: failed to start simulation with error code %ld", (long)error.code);

Answer Source

Kindly check your Navigation Mode set as driving.

Voice instructions are only available in Navigation Mode for driving. Users of the pedestrian Navigation Mode receive audio beeps and vibrations alerts at the change of each maneuver. Link

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