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Android Studio Project Root DIrectory Name Change/ Project name change

How to change the name of a project's root directory in Android Studio- 0.9.9.I read the other solution here but nothing works for me. I can change/refactor the package name but not the name of the root directory .I found another solution here,which is to change the name in .idea/.name file, which didnt work.After I changed name, I tried cleaning,rebuilding etc but nothing reflected the changes in android studio.There is no REFACTOR option for "PROJECT NAME/ROOT DIRECTORY NAME", many people here confused the module name with project name/root directory name.

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You can change the directory name and reimport the project as @user3106978 commented.

You can also change the name of the project in the Android Studio project structure by editing some files :

  • Change the project name in .idea/.name
  • Rename the [Name].iml file in the project root directory
  • Change the reference to this iml file in .idea\modules.xml