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Laravel 5.3 Auth facade is changing to a default authenticated user

So I have a custom login flow in my laravel website. Ther users are located in an external data store that are accessible via an API. The flow is basically this. (minified)

public function login(Request $request) {
$resultFromAPI = //call external API with email and password from $request
if($resultFromAPI) {
$user = User::find($resultFromAPI->user->user_id);
if($user) { //user exists
//dump( Auth::user() );
return redirect('/');
} else {
$user = User::create([...]); //from $resultFromApi->user
//dump( Auth::user() );
return redirect('/');

If I try to login using
, the dump will show that user's object. However, the second I'm redirected to
will be

My local db shows these two user records, but it's defaulting to the first user. I'm using the default logout function to logout and clear the sessions, and I've confirmed that
is null when the logout function is called. I'm stuck.

EDIT: I tried
instead of
, it didn't change anything

EDIT2: I started from scratch using a clean installation of laravel 5.4, rewrote the login part to this

if ($this->attemptLogin($request)) {

return $this->sendLoginResponse($request);

instead of this

return redirect('/')

Still same issue

Answer Source

Finally solved the issue. My primary key was a custom uuid retrieved from my external api. I reverted the primary ley to be the default one ($table->increments('id'); and it worked.

I looked it up, turns out I could've done public $incrementing = false; insided my User model and it would've stopped Laravel from thinking it's an incrementing field, and that might've solved it, but I haven't tested that.

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