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html scroll to flickers page

Why when a user clicks a link in the list does it cause the browser to flicker? This seems to be very apparent when a user clicks the same 'link' twice. Is there a way for me to remove this from happening?

It also appears to happen if you click a link that scrolls upwards instead of down. To test this click the list item 'Test' and then click 'Why'

Here is the main JS bits which are doing all the work...


function scroll_to_element(element) {
$('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $(element).offset().top}, 500);

$(window).ready(function() {

$(".nav-title").click(function() {
var target = $(this);

// get data-filter text
var title ='title').toLowerCase();

// collect section titles
sections = $( ".section-title" );

// loop through and scroll to valid section
for (i = 0; i < sections.length; i++) {
var section = $(sections[i]);
var section_title ='title').toLowerCase();

if (section_title === title) {
// console.log(target);

Answer Source

You should prevent the default behavior of the anchor tag before invoking your custom functionality:

$(".nav-title").click(function(e) {

Updated Fiddle

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