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How can I implement DISTINCT keyword of mysql to get distinct values parallely using threads

I would like to create a functionality DISTINCT keyword of mysql in c++ using hashmap or unordered_map.

I have to do this in parallel e.g. initially I have input integers in an array.

Now I have to find distinct number in array (in parallel)

Answer Source

If the original array doesn't change and assuming the available g++ extension for hash_map:

hash_map<int, int> distinct_elems;
for (int i = 0 ; i < num_elems ; ++i)
    distinct_elems[i] = i;

Since the underlying data doesn't change the distinct_elems won't change either, hence the code:

hash_map<int, int>::iterator de_itr;
for( de_itr = distinct_elems.begin() ; de_itr != distinct_elems.end() ; ++de_itr)
    print("%d\n", de_itr->second);

or if you simply want to look up the value within the hashmap:

hash_map<int, int>::iterator de_itr = distinct_elems.find(value);
if(de_itr != distinct_elems.end())
    <do some work>

You can do this from any number of threads with no locking since data is now basically constant.

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