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Consuming JSON object in Jersey service

I've been Googling my butt off trying to find out how to do this: I have a Jersey REST service. The request that invokes the REST service contains a JSON object. My question is, from the Jersey POST method implementation, how can I get access to the JSON that is in the body of the HTTP request?

Any tips, tricks, pointers to sample code would be greatly appreciated.



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I'm not sure how you would get at the JSON string itself, but you can certainly get at the data it contains as follows:

Define a JAXB annotated Java class (C) that has the same structure as the JSON object that is being passed on the request.

e.g. for a JSON message:

  "A": "a value",
  "B": "another value"

Use something like:

public class C
  public String A;
  public String B;

Then, you can define a method in your resource class with a parameter of type C. When Jersey invokes your method, the JAXB object will be created based on the POSTed JSON object.

public class MyResource
  public put(C c)
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