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Git Question

Git commit message

I am confused about git commit message.

Here is an Angular standard doc for git commit message.There are 7 allowed types:

  • feat(feature)

  • fix(fix bug)

  • docs(documentation)

  • style(formatting, missing semi colons, …)

  • refactor

  • test (when adding missing tests)

  • chore (maintain)

If I change a file to fix a bug and correct code style,which
should I use?Can I use two or more types at a time?

Answer Source

This answer is sort of in between a glorified comment and a full answer, as your question invites opinion.

You don't need to follow any standard when making commit messages in Git. The primary purpose of a commit message is to leave information about what happened in your commit. It is the presence of useful/helpful information which is key here, rather than some set of codes which are used. Many organizations use their own templates for commit messages. But again, it is up to you how you want to record information here.

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