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JSON Question

What techniques do you use to handle different JSON structure?

Retrofit call:

Call<Map<Object,Object>> getUser(@Query("phoneNumber") String phoneNumber, @Query("hash") String hash)

I need json resut from browser, if return User object:


and json resut from browser, if return error:


Callback response in android

enter image description here

For this issue
I used
to handle with different JSON structures. But the problem is in casting of numbers. I need int or long while java sees it as double value. I could use some parse methods. But in case of many variables in Map, that would be terrible work.

I can't use
and then parse it, because Gson doesn't want to process it. There is backslashes. Of course, it is obvious to remove them, but I would like to find elegant way to handle with JSON.

Code of json generator at server

public final static String SUCCESS = "0";
public final static String NOT_FOUND = "-1";

Map<Object, Object> m = new HashMap<>();

Map<Object, Object> getUser(@RequestParam(value = "phoneNumber", defaultValue = "") String phoneNumber,
@RequestParam(value = "hash", defaultValue = "") String hash) {


User user = userRepository.findByPhoneNumberAndHash(phoneNumber, hash);
if (user != null) {
m.put(VALUE_JSON, String.valueOf(user));
} else {
return m;

Above method returns this json:


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Answer Source

Follow http://wiki.workassis.com/android-retrofit-2-1-http-client/ this tutorial and use the following as your model class

class Result{
    String error;
    List<Value> value;

class Value{
    int id;
    String name;
    String phoneNumber;
    String smsCode;
    Long smsCodeDate;
    String hash;
    List<Roles> roles;


class Roles{
    int id;
    String name;

and use

Call<Result>getUser(@Query("phoneNumber") String phoneNumber, @Query("hash") String hash)
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