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How to pass string variables to labels option in Morris.js

I am using Morris.js for rendering charts in Rails project. There is a problem that I have no idea how to pass values from JSON string to labels option in Morris.js.

Below are contents from a helper method:

def worst_yield_chart_data(reports)
start_time = reports.last.published_at
end_time = reports.first.published_at
datetime = Report.where("config = ? AND published_at BETWEEN ? AND ?", 'ALL', start_time, end_time).select("distinct(published_at)")
datetime.map do |date|
published_at: date.published_at.to_datetime.to_formatted_s(:long),
# Top1 worst yield rate & station name
worst_accu_yield: Report.group_accu_yield_by_date(date.published_at).first.try(:worst_accu_yield),
worst_daily_yield: Report.group_daily_yield_by_date(date.published_at).first.try(:worst_daily_yield),
worst_accu_yield_station: Report.group_accu_yield_by_date(date.published_at).first.try(:station_name) || 'No Input',
worst_daily_yield_station: Report.group_daily_yield_by_date(date.published_at).first.try(:station_name) || 'No Input',
# Top2 Worst yield rate & station name
worse_accu_yield: Report.group_accu_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(2).first.try(:worst_accu_yield),
worse_daily_yield: Report.group_daily_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(2).first.try(:worst_daily_yield),
worse_accu_yield_station: Report.group_accu_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(2).first.try(:station_name) || 'No Input',
worse_daily_yield_station: Report.group_daily_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(2).first.try(:station_name) || 'No Input',
# Top3 worst yield rate & station name
bad_accu_yield: Report.group_accu_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(3).first.try(:worst_accu_yield),
bad_daily_yield: Report.group_daily_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(3).first.try(:worst_daily_yield),
bad_accu_yield_station: Report.group_accu_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(3).first.try(:station_name) || 'No Input',
bad_daily_yield_station: Report.group_daily_yield_by_date(date.published_at).offset(3).first.try(:station_name) || 'No Input'

The view contents as below:

= content_tag :div, "", id: "worst-accu-yield-data", data: {reports: worst_yield_chart_data(@reports_for_cart)}

And the javascript codes in HAML file is like below:

jQuery(function() {
element: 'worst-accu-yield-data',
resize: true,
hideHover: 'auto',
continuousLine: true,
data: $('#worst-accu-yield-data').data('reports'),
goals: [90, 95.5, 100],
goalLineColors: ['#e74c3c', '#e67e22', '#2ecc71'],
xkey: 'published_at',
ykeys: ['worst_accu_yield', 'worse_accu_yield', 'bad_accu_yield'],
labels: ['worst_accu_yield_station', 'worse_accu_yield_station', 'bad_accu_yield_station'],
trendLine: true,
postUnits: '%',
ymin: 'auto',
ymax: 'auto',
parseTime: false,
barColors: ['#cb4b4b', '#f8aa33', '#1fbba6'],
barOpacity: 0.7,
behaveLikeLine: true

The purpose is to get Top3 Worst station name with its' yield rate in bar cart.
I am able to get string values in "xkey" and "ykeys" correctly.
Also, I would like to pass each station's name to label option in morris.js (ex: Station A, Station B, Station C).
But in this case, it shows hardcoded string for me: worst_accu_yield_station, worse_accu_yield_station, bad_accu_yield_station.

My Bar Cart

Is it possible to pass each station name to label option? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


The problem can be solved by customizing the hover option.

"hoverCallback":  function(index, options, content){
    var row = options.data[index]
    datetime = '<p><b>' + row.published_at + '</b></p>'
    station1 = '<div style="color: #cb4b4b;">Worst: ' + row.worst_accu_station + ' (' + row.worst_accu_yield + '%)</div>'
    station2 = '<div style="color: #f8aa33;">Worse: ' + row.worse_accu_station + ' ('  + row.worse_accu_yield + '%)</div>'
    station3 = '<div style="color: #1fbba6;">Bad: ' + row.bad_accu_station + ' ('  + row.bad_accu_yield + '%)</div>'
    return [datetime, station1, station2, station3]