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Using a Twig variable inside a Symfony translation in a template

It is getting late and I think my mind is shutting down...for the life of me I cannot work out how to change the translation key to work with the value of


{% set currentType = site.getCurrentType() %}
{{ '{currentType}'|trans({ '%url%' : path('appbundle_course_url', { 'subdomain': site.subdomain }) }) }}

I'm doing something derpy and will kick myself when I see the solution. I just know it.

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DOZ hint was actually almost correct.


means translate currentType then append to string (Filter is applied first). So proper braces do the trick.

This works in my Code:

{{ (''~currentType)|trans({ '%url%' : path('appbundle_course_url', { 'subdomain': site.subdomain }) }) }}
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