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Java Question

eclipse not working - No java virtual machine was found

I installed eclipse and netbeans on mac osx 10.6
I installed android sdk and everything was working perfectly.

Now I installed mac ports
and installed ImageMagick using macports

Now after restarting the system neither netbeans work nor eclipse.

Net beans closes without any error. and eclipse give following error :

A JDK or JRE must be installed in
order to run eclipse No java virtual
machine is found after searching the
following location:
ContentsMacOS/jre/bin/java java in you
current PATH

I thought the problem might be with the path.

So I tried running java and javac from terminal. But these two commands run properly.

note: I don't have javaw (I am not sure whether we have this file in mac or not.

Can I know what can be the problem and how can I fix it ?

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@all thanks a lot.

It some or how works after two restarts don no why..

Thanks and sorry for the trouble

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