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React JSX Question

update state of component using jest

I am trying to update the state of my component in jest.

What I am trying to do is check that when the state value of

is set to
then the new props should not change the value of the state.
From answers I have read on here I assumed I could do the following to update the state of a component.

updated: true

Here is my code below.

const props = {
goals: "0"

it("should should not update the state of goals when the value prop is changed if updated value in state is set to true", () => {
renderer.render(<Game {...props} />, div);

updated: true

goals: "2"


Answer Source

you can work with the instance

const gameRender = renderer.create(<Game {...props} />)
const gameInstance = gameRender.getInstance()

gameInstance.setState({ updated: true })

etc etc. your code references the constructor, not the instance.

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