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C++ Question

repeat code automatically

I wrote some code to convert any string to Morse code. The code works perfect until I try repeating it automatically.

Whether I use "while" or "do while" the code runs only once and then it terminates.
Would you help to find out what the problem is?

int main ()
cout<<"Enter the string: ";
char myStr[81];
char ch='y';

while (ch=='Y'||ch=='y')
cout<<"to repeat press Y/y";
return 0;

I added the getString() function

void getString(char myStr[])

Answer Source

After the user enters input, they press enter. That newline character '\n' is still in the cin stream. You need to ignore it:

cin >> ch;
cin.ignore(numeric_limits<streamsize>::max(), '\n'); //this ignores all subsequent characters until the newline character
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