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C# Question

High(ish) presision math on decimal

The Question:

I am using Visual C# Express 2010. I am trying to divide three integers, however, the result is always 0.

My Code:

//earlier in the code:
int totalKeywords = 3;

//the problem code:
decimal onePercent = 100 / totalKeywords / 100; //100% divided by the number of keywords divided by 100 to make one percent


//result: 0
//what I want: 0.33 or more acurate

What I've tried:

  • I've changed the value of totalKeywords

  • I've tried onePercent as a double, int, float, ect.


  • It could be that the built-in math doesn't work for some reason (WHY??)

  • It could be that decimal / int / float, etc. don't hold decimals (I don't think so)

My Efforts:

Suggestions are accepted, and any help will be appreciated!

Thank you!

The Answer:

The Problem:

I was using Integer Math - I was doing math on only Integers, so when I assigned it to a decimal, the result was 0.

The Solution:

Affix an
to the end of one of the Integers to make it a decimal.

My Final Code:

//earlier in the code:
int totalKeywords = 3;

//the problem code:
decimal onePercent = 100m / totalKeywords / 100; //note the "m" affixed to the first 100


//result: 0.33

Answer Source

Let's break it down:

decimal onePercent = 100 / totalKeywords / 100;

First, divide the integer literal 100 by the integer variable totalKeywords (value is 3). Result: integer 33.

Next, divide the result 33 by the integer literal 100. Result: integer 0.

The right-hand expression has type int, value 0. Convert that implicitly to the decmal 0m, so you can then assign that to the decimal variable onePercent.

Result: 0m.

To fix, as others have noticed, make the leftmost constant (if not all of them, for clarity) into a decimal. This will do, as the ints will implicitly convert to decimal:

decimal onePercent = 100m / totalKeywords / 100;

This is totally unambiguous, if a little over the top:

decimal onePercent = 100m / (decimal)totalKeywords / 100m;
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