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Wordpress Submenu Getting Cut Off

Inherited a educational organization website and running into an issue with a dropdown submenu getting clipped by an inner-content div. It looks like there is a z-index of 100 for that inner-content div, but no matter what I set the submenu z-index to I can't get it to layer over the div.

The menu item that is getting clipped is Connect > Interest Section (IS) > *Clipped Menu (there should be 5 visible links).

The organization URL is

Clipped subnav element

Answer Source

if you change the following it will work but there is more at play in the styles then z-index:-

#main-nav ul ul li ul {
    left: 250px;
    top: -50px;

#content {
    margin: 0 auto -40px;

You would need to tweak the logo in the header after making these changes.

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