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Mute audio on ExoPlayer

I'm using Google new MediaPlayer named ExoPlayer and cannot find a way to mute the sound

Is there an easy way to mute audio track on Google ExoPlayer ? Or changing volume ?

Answer Source

I found two ways to achieve it by editing DemoPlayer from ExoPlayer.

Good one :

Basicly, you need to get the audioTrackRenderer which is a ExoPlayerComponent and send message to it. So :

  1. Add audioRenderer member and set it in onRenderers:

    // Complete preparation.  
    this.videoRenderer = renderers[TYPE_VIDEO];  
    this.audioRenderer = renderers[TYPE_AUDIO];  
  2. Add public method :

    public void setMute(boolean toMute){
            player.sendMessage(audioRenderer, MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer.MSG_SET_VOLUME, 0f);
        } else {
            player.sendMessage(audioRenderer, MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer.MSG_SET_VOLUME, 1f);

Usage :
mute : player.setMute(true);
unmute : player.setMute(false);

The other one :

This is not a good solution has the player will need to rebuffer when unmuting.
Consist of changing the audio track to an empty one:

// mute
player.selectTrack(FullPlayer.TYPE_AUDIO, ExoPlayer.TRACK_DISABLED);

// Unmute
player.selectTrack(FullPlayer.TYPE_AUDIO, ExoPlayer.TRACK_DEFAULT);
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