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How do I wait until an element is visible with Protractor when Angular is not available?

I have a login function that I'm using for a Protractor test, it looks like this:

var config = require("../helpers/config.js");

var login = function() {
return browser.driver.findElement("submit")).click().then(function() {
return browser.driver.wait(function() {
return browser.driver.isElementPresent(browser.driver.findElement(by.className("sample-class-name")));
}, 360000);

module.exports = login;

I can't use any of the protractor specific hooks because Angular is not used on this page, so I have to use the underlying webdriver API. The problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to wait until an element is visible using this wrapped webdriver object. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

Try with the expected conditions from the underlying driver:

var config = require("../helpers/config.js");
var until = require('selenium-webdriver').until;

var login = function() {
    var driver = browser.driver;


    return driver.wait(until.elementLocated(by.css(".sample-class-name")), 10000)
      .then(e => driver.wait(until.elementIsVisible(e)), 10000);

module.exports = login;
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