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How to send Android Crash report using ACRA

Am trying to send crash report from my applicatio to my domain or Mail but failed still.

To get the crash report in mail, I did


formKey = "",
mailTo = ""

And the response is,
Sending file 1372758321000-approved.stacktrace

checkAndSendReports - finish

To get the crash report in my domain, I did


formKey = "",
formUri = ""

And the response is,
Sending file 1372856882000-approved.stacktrace
Failed to send crash report for 1372856882000-approved.stacktrace
org.acra.sender.ReportSenderException: Error while sending FORM report via Http POST

Any help will be handy for me and appreciated.

Answer Source

ACRA works for me sending reports by e-mail when I do exactly as they say in their docs:

@ReportsCrashes(formKey = "", // will not be used
                mailTo = "", // my email here
                mode = ReportingInteractionMode.TOAST,
                resToastText = R.string.crash_toast_text)

You are probably forgetting the toast part. Or can it be you don't have an e-mail program (such as when you're running on the simulator).

I think sending reports by Google docs are not supported anymore.