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Is there anyway to popup a facebox dialog when clicking inside of a table TD cell

I want to popup a dialog facebox when I click inside a td in an html table. Is this possible ?


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TD as a proxy...

If you have a link in there, you could do something like this:

  $("a[rel='facebox']", this).trigger("click");

Of course, modifying that code slightly, you could invoke facebox for any link by clicking nearly anything else on the page. Basically, the td element serves as a proxy for you. If you click it, it triggers a click on the link that will be capable of opening facebox up.

No link? No problem...

If you don't have a link to click, you could create one of the fly, trigger a click, and then remove it.

  $("<a>") // create our link
    .click(function(e){e.stopPropagation()}) // prevent bubbling
    .attr({ // set its attributes
      'href':'/css/style.css?'+$(this).text(), // append td vals
      'rel':'facebox' // make it facebox-eligible
    .appendTo(this) // append it to the td
    .facebox() // tie it to facebox
    .click() // click it
    .remove(); // remove it

So assume we started out with:


We will have an iframe popup pointing to: /css/style.css?52.

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