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Javascript Question

Assignment operator inside if clause assigns value and performs check?

I noticed something whilst debugging my code.

console.log("it's 5 units long");

This not only makes the array size 5(assuming it performs the assignment every time) but it also performs the check in the if, resulting in a console output. Is this normal behaviour in Javascript and is this a valid shorthand for any real scenario?

Answer Source

The result of an assignment expression is the new value. Your code is equivalent to:

array.length = 5;
if (5) {
    console.log("it's 5 units long");

And 5 is a truthy value, so the condition passes.

The following values are always falsy:

  • false
  • 0 (zero)
  • "" (empty string)
  • null
  • undefined
  • NaN (a special Number value meaning Not-a-Number!)

All other values are truthy, including "0" (zero in quotes), "false" (false in quotes), empty functions, empty arrays, and empty objects.

I can contrive scenarios where this would be useful, but generally, no, it's not useful. At the very least, it's bad style, and shouldn't be used even if it can be.

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